Power supply set for mains operation with 230V AC and 6-28V DC batteries

LA-TACTICAL-ADAPTER-01 - The voltage adapter for lead-acid or car batteries

Voltage adapter with terminals for the operation of all laser brighteners on a 12-24VDC car battery.

The ideal solution if you need to operate our eye-safe Laserluchs brighteners mobile and undetected.

The voltage adapter allows you to easily connect to large battery systems such as a car battery. The voltage of the batteries can be between 6-24VDC, the voltage adapter automatically adjusts to the respective voltage and converts the voltage approximately without losses into the target voltage of 3VDC. With a typical capacity of 100Ah, you can achieve an operating time of approx. 4,000 hours with an LA850-50-PRO-II, for example, which corresponds to almost half a year of continuous operation!

Technical Parameters

  • Adapter Type LA-TACTICAL-ADAPTER-01
  • Compatibility For all LASERLUCHS® illuminators (except LA-5000)
  • Output voltage 6-28V DC
  • Input voltage 3V DC
  • Dimensions 35x44x35mm
  • Material Aluminium, black
  • Weight 191g
  • Scope of delivery Protection case included


  • Input: 6-28V DC
  • Output: 3V DC
  • Suitable for all LASERLUCHS® laser illuminators
  • with strong metal terminals for safe connection to the poles of a lead gel or car battery
  • ideal for long-term observations, operating time e.g. with a 12V 100AH car battery = 4.000 hours

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