Laserluchs Tactical LA-DIFFUSER-01

Even larger light cone at close range

LA-DIFFUSER-01 - The first diffuser for our laser illuminators for the near field!

The LA-DIFFUSER-01 is an innovative diffuser to expand the area of application of special forces. The scatter filter attachment LA-DIFFUSER-01 for the LASERLUCHS® illuminators generates a larger light cone of 120° in the near field, which achieves an optimal diffuse illumination of targets at a short distance, such as in rooms.

The LA-Diffuser-01 is intended for use with all Laserluchs brighteners in combination with image intensifier tubes and CCD systems, such as night vision scopes and cameras.

This LA-Diffuser-01 belongs to laser class 1 in accordance with DIN EN 60825-1: 2015-07 when used in combination with LASERLUCHS® illuminators.

Your LASERLUCHS® LA-Diffuser-01 is mounted externally on the head of the laser brightener and can be folded in front of the exit lens as needed. The diffuser affects the penetrating light with different microlens surfaces, generating a large-angle light scattering and producing a homogeneous illumination. In applications in which the laser brightener previously could only be used in long-range due to overexposure, it is now also possible to illuminate targets at short distances, such as in rooms, convincingly well.

Technical Parameters

  • Laser-Diffuser Type LA-DIFFUSER-01
  • Compatibility With all laser illuminators
  • Wavelength 800nm to 1000nm
  • Scattering angle 120°
  • Exit pupil of the optic 24mm
  • Dimensions 44x35x35mm
  • Material Aluminium, black
  • Weight 74g

The illumination you can achieve with this LASERLUCHS® IR laser brightener depends on the following factors:

  • Photocathode sensitivity of the image intensifier tube
  • Photosensitivity of the camera module
  • Quality of optics used
  • Weather conditions (e.g. fog, rain or snow)

The light cone of 120° generated by the diffuser is optimized for close-up.
It is suitable for use with all Laserluchs brighteners for wavelengths from 800nm to 1,000nm.

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