Frequently Asked QuestionsWe have already answered some questions for you

Why do I need a Laserluchs?

Our Laserluchs IR illuminators are used for additional lighting of night vision devices. If there is too little residual light, a Laserluch can artificially brighten the image and significantly improve the effective performance of night vision devices.

Can you use Laserluchs illuminators with conventional binoculars?

No, conventional binoculars work purely optically and do not have an image intensifier tube that can capture and amplify the IR light.

Is the light from a Laserluchs green?

No, our Laserluchs illuminators work in the infrared wavelenght and are practically invisible to the human eye.

Can I use Laserluchs illuminators without a night vision device / CCD camera?

No, the infrared light can only be detected by night vision devices and special CCD cameras.

What is the effective range of a Laserluchs illuminator?

This is heavily dependent on the performance of your night vision device, its magnification, the setting of the light cone and the wavelength. A higher magnification of the night vision device automatically means a smaller field of view. The light cone of the laser can now be adjusted in a more focused manner, thus increasing the luminance and the range. Depending on the night vision device, magnification and wavelength of the Laserluchs, the range can be up to 800 meters . We will be happy to advise you on the selection of a Laserluchs illuminator that is optimal for you.