HOLOSUN® laser light modules for authorities, police, military and armed forces

The Laser Light Modules (LLM/LLM's), which require approval, are used for adaptive target acquisition and, in addition to a high-quality titanium or aluminium housing with integrated QD or fixed mounting, have reliable latching adjustment options made of hardened steel, thus allowing easy and precise adjustment of the aiming laser. The laser enables fast and accurate targeting, target acquisition, target assignment, illumination and reconnaissance, even under the most adverse environmental and weather conditions. Used as a target marker for target assignment (e.g. sniper squad leader, precision sniper squad leader, target marking for support weapons, initiation of "fire assault"), targets can be addressed and marked safely and precisely over long distances. In addition to the familiar versions, versions with infrared laser, infrared illuminator and white weapon light (conventional battlefield illumination and classic visual target reconnaissance/acquisition) are available.

Elite Aiming Lasers

Classic Aiming Lasers